Friday, March 12, 2010


Spring break is upon us.  Can you hear the whooping and hollering?  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to spend the entire week in the confines of our home.  Well, we are going to venture out some, but mostly...we are staying home!!!!  We are going to clean, clean, clean our house.  We are going to be lazy.  We are going to play.  And, I am going to....

Many weeks ago I  told you that I was really dreading having THE talk with Calleigh.  I know it is absolutely necessary, but my heart just doesn't want to let go of her purity and innocence.  But, as I have always said...If I don't tell her, the world is going to tell her.  And the world may paint the picture quit differently that I would.

But, I can honestly say that all of that got pushed to the back of my brain when more pertainent things (it seemed at the time) came along.  I heard this week that some young ladies, younger than Calleigh, have informed their mother what they know about sex through their peers.  Just as I have said...the world WILL them.  So, once again, Robby and I have made it a priority to educate our children about their bodies, sex, and seeing themselves in the eyes of the Lord.  All in a Christian manner.

When I posted about this last time, several of you asked what books I was going to use to guide our discussions and conversations.  Robby and I have chosen this set of books from the National Center for Biblical Parenting to guide us.  We purchased the entire set of books today.  They should be arriving next week sometime.  Robby and I have used material from the National Center for Biblical Parenting to guide us on other parenting decisions, and we have been pleased with what we read.  We have even been to a few parenting workshops using this curriculum.  So, I guess what I am saying is...I have faith in this institution for creating curriculum centered around our Christian beliefs.  I do like that there are books for each level of education. If you remember, that was one of my them all the information they needed, but not  MORE than they needed.  I am praying this is going to be a good guide for us. So what am I doing for Spring Break?

...spend some quality time with Ms. Calleigh.  I am really looking forward to the mother-daughter time.  I am praying that it will be a precious time for the two of us.  I time that I will treasure for many years to come.

Praying that your spring break is restful, fun, and blessed.

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MomBrose said...

I'll be praying that it all goes well. And that your spring break is a time of rest! :)