Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FREE downloads!!!

I am always looking to find cute downloads for this or that. I have a few to pass along to you...

Aqua Poppy Designs has some really cute backgrounds for your blog. She has some backgrounds that are holiday specific. I think it will be fun to switch backgrounds for the holidays...hope it isn't too much work.

This site had adorable weekly menu planners...and a ton of other freebies. I try to plan our weekely menu so I can do a good job of grocery shopping. If you know me well...those that work at the Vega Market do...you know that I go to the grocery store EVERYDAY!! I am trying to save a little money and not do that. Because if I go EVERYDAY...my children think they need a snack EVERYDAY!!! Usually candy, but that is a whole other blog. This site also has a great travel planner. You know, I am an organizer and planner. I love these things.

This site...you just have to check it out. What is up with all these creative chicks!! I want to be one. This inspires me to do summer projects and get really organized. I only have 2 more days!!! YEAH!!!

So...if you like, go to these sites and get you some FREE goodies. Have a blessed week!!


Cathe Holden said...

Thanks so much for linking!! How fun to be featured with my blog buddy Amy- she has the best stuff! Now I'm off to check out Aqua Poppy Designs!

BTW, You have such a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

cool i should look