Monday, May 11, 2009

Runnin' Like the Wind

Havent really taken the time this past weekend to think about a post for the blog. However, I do want to share some photos from the Longhorn Elementary Track Meet held this past Friday. I am so proud of Calleigh and Carson. They were very successful in each of their events. I know you are wondering, some have even asked, where they get there athletic ability. I really cant believe that some of you even had to ask!!! They get it from their mom dad!!! Honest truth...I am very competive, but probably not really athletic. Robby is athletic, patient, wise, extremely kind, tender-hearted, loving, compassionate, sweet beyond measure...and the list could go on. You now know where my children get their most desirable traits. That leaves them receiving...UM!! WELL!! I DON'T KNOW!!! I know they got something from me...that will have to be another post. Have a blessed week!!!

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Anonymous said...

The pic of the boys lined he looks like Robby. You two are doing such an excellent job with your family!!! Just wish we lived closer together to hang out more.