Tuesday, June 09, 2009

1 Down, 10 To Go

Weeks of summer that is!!! I don't know about you, but summer is flying by at a very rapid rate at the Kirkland household. It couldn't be because the month of June is absolutely crammed as full as we could possibly get it. It is CRAZY!!!

BUT...the first week (and a half )of summer was great. Cydney slept until 10:30am the first two mornings. I seriously had to check on her both mornings to see that she was ok. That is nuts absolutely wonderful. After you read the post, you'll know why she slept in...


10. The Captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign. Please be sure that your seatbelt is worn tight and low across your lap...it could seriousy be a bumpy ride.

9. Watching TV. Cydney loves watching her Praise Baby video....well, when her mood is right.

8. Family Cookouts. Especially when Mimi offers something yummy sour to eat.

7. Sunbathing at the pool.

6. Swimming, even though the water is ice cold!!! BURRRR!!!

5. Sisterly LOVE....so sweet!!!

and some not so sisterly love!! (I warned you the ride could get bumpy!!)


3. Building tents in Mom's living room. Especially when Big Brother lets Cydney play. She is having a GRAND time....can't you tell???

2. Having someone to share your snack with, and someone to play with.

AND...the #1 thing about this week of summer....

We don't have to fix our hair when we get up!!!
As you can see, it has been a GREAT first week and half of summer for the Kirkland family. Hoping your summer is as wonderful as ours. We leave for our family vacation in sunny Florida on Monday...I am going to TRY to post from my phone so stay tuned for updates.
Many blessings ~


Katy Montgomery said...

LOVE the blog! The pics are great. Charlie loves sour foods too! CRAZY! Have fun in sunny FL and return safely to us.

The 3 M-M s Mom said...

Very Cute! I wish I was as good as you about taking pictures. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Such fun! And so much more to come! Zillions of reasons to love summer......and life! Love you all.....Mimi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. yeah don't miss living that far north and the water being so cold!!! :-) So glad you are having a great summer. Have fun in Florida and stay cool.