Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Why can't every weekend be a three day weekend? I got so much accomplished this weekend...and even had a day of r&r. I love it!!!

We spent our morning being lazy and getting the house ready for another week of school. A funny thing happened...I asked Carson to vacuum the living room because we had movie night on Saturday night and ate popcorn in the living room. (One of the few times in my childrens lives they get to eat in the living room, so it is a real treat.) While Carson was vacuuming I was folding clothes and doing other chores. When I came back in the living room Carson said the vacuum was smoking. Smoking!!! After a few choice thoughts rolled through my head, I saw that Carson had actually done such a good job of vacuuming that he vacuumed the cord up as well. Oh, about 8 times!! How is it that I ask him to vacuum and now my vacuum in smoking? Robby will kill me! I can't afford a new vacuum!! The cord came untangled very easily, the vacuum is fine, and I am laughing about it as I write this post. It is worth mentioning that Carson was really worried about my vacuum. For about 10 minutes he sat on the floor... and probably prayed over the vacuum. As I recall, I think I told him that if the vacuum was burned up he was paying for a new one. Yeah, yeah...I am not moving up in votes for mother of the year. But his genuine care for the vacuum touched me...and I did tell him I appreciated it!!

The afternoon included food, friends, and fun at a neighborhood BBQ. Unfortunately, our daddy didn't get to partake in the days fun because duty called at the feedyard I hate it when he misses out.

We hope your day was spent exactly how you would have chosen to spend it. Wishing you a happy Tuesday and a blessed week.

Blessings ~ @m¥

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