Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!!

An exciting change for "The Kirkland's" blog ...

Since the birth of our blog, I have sent an email to all of our sweet friends each time I added a new post. Most of the time I would remember, sometimes I would forget. After searching log and hard, I found a way that I could get a feedburner (nevermind the terminology!!) to do it for me. I am soooo excited!

Here is how it works...

After you read this post, scroll down past the pictures of the kids, past my favorite blogs, a little further beyond the buttons of some of my favorite items, and even past the blog archives. When you see "Follow Me"...STOP!! When you see "Subscribe to the Kirkland's by email"...CLICK IT!!! Enter your email address and follow the on screen prompts.

One last step...you must confirm this through your email before you will receive updates. Check your email and click on the link to confirm.

VOILA!!! You did it!! BRAVO!! From this day forward, you will receive an email each time I update the blog. Hope your as excited as I am.

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