Wednesday, December 30, 2009

while you were sleeping

I know, that sounds a little creepy, huh!!  I think it is the name of movie...creepy movie.  I am not creepy!!  I hope you already noticed, but while you were sleeping...I did a blog makeover.  I am so very excited about it!!!  I a.B.s.o.L.u.T.e.L.y. love it!!!!  I hope you like it too!!

Let me share a little about where this "MY LIFE'S A CIRCUS" came from.  Several months back my husband was talking with one of his customers who is a pastor in Alabama (Hi guys!!) and he and his wife asked if I would be interested in speaking at a women's conference there in Alabama in the spring.  Weird as it may seem, I am so flattered and honored, but it is really God.  He has really been preparing my heart for this years, but Ye of little faith questioned how one from small town, USA would ever receive an opportunity such as this.  Did I mention how mighty and powerful our God is...well, HE IS!!!  It took very little praying about whether I would accept this engagement.  It was more like God saying, here it is...take it.

That is when the praying really started.  Of course, the enemy begins to attack and place doubt and fear amongst us when God is moving us.  I had no idea what message I had to bring to women.  I really pressed in to God and he gave me the message "MY LIFE'S A CIRCUS."

I know that I am not only woman in the world that deals with work, home, kids, husband, church, and the list could go on and on.  It is really up to us to keep life running smoothly and everyone in their places.  But friends, let me tell you...we can't do it alone!!  I have tried.  And I have failed!!  If I don't keep in tune with my Heavenly Father, all my planning and scheduling will run a muck.

But what God spoke to me was rather than trying to appear as if I have it all together...which by the way, I try to appear as so as often as possible...just be me!!!  I am a mess.  A perfect mess.  God loves me.  I am not perfect, but I am forgiven.

I look around as I am sitting in my living room now, blankets strewn all over the floor from family movie night, popcorn on the floor, toys.  Ugh!!!  But, this is my life...and quit honestly, I love it!!!  I love being the ringmaster of this circus.  I love taming the lions and tigers and bears that are part of my circus.  I love the tricks my children perform.  I love juggling all three rings as the same time.  It is a crazy life, but it is my life....and I do love it!!

The circus is quiet for the night.  The animals are sleeping.  And the ringmaster is tired.  Sleep tight.


Reydine said...

Amy I love the new blog. I am so grateful for our time together in Tulsa and getting to know all you Kirklands better. I love the updates from your families and the little on line Chats with Caleigh and Bailee ( they are little like Hi!) they seem to want to chat but aren't sure if they should cracks me up. Love to all.


RHallski said...

Amy -- I am so proud of you!!!
Blessed to be your friend -- Robin

MomBrose said...

I love it! And congratulations on your speaking engagement! What an honor!! :D