Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Last night Robby and I had an opportunity to go to town to run a few quick errands without out kids...well the big kids anyway.  As this almost never happens, it was quite nice to have him all almost to myself.  I will take it when I can get it.

As we were driving we began talking about his men's group that meets on Monday mornings.  They are doing a study called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.  I am not even involved in the study, but it has been an eye opening experience for us both.  I love it when he shares what they are reading and discussing.  Honestly, it makes me want to put my children in our home where I can protect them from the outside world that is so cruel immerse them in good teaching to learn God's purpose for their life.

Ironically, through two very different experiences, God pressed on Robby's and I hearts the rules that we have and will have for our children while in our home.  My experience developed as I was discussing with my 8th grade English class what rules their own parents established for their homes. (We are beginning to read Cheaper by the Dozen.)  Robby's developed through his men's group.

As a result, we were able to discuss some of the rules that are implied in our home, but not sure if they are really enforced every time as they should be, or given appropriate consequences when not followed.  We decided, as was mentioned in Robby's book, that all rules for our children/home should be written down. This allows no gray area for either the parent or the child.  For parents, this provides a means of decision making.  "Our family rules say..., therefore it looks as if the decision is made."  For the child it is a means of knowing exactly what parents expect.  If they choose to cross the line, they will then know there are consequences that will have to be made.

Robby and I agreed that we would need to have a family meeting to establish the rules for our family.  We will then right them down and put them in our Household Binder (that is slowly coming together.)

What rules do you have for your family?  What means of communicating these rules do you use?

Be blessed!

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Diana said...

Wow! You've given me real food for thought. 2010 is a year about prioritizing in our home, or at least in my life.... and this would be an excellent way to establish it better in our home as well. Thanks for this post.... OK, gotta go read more about this family binder, I'm intrigued!