Tuesday, January 12, 2010

you want a what

Sometimes my children!!!  Calleigh came home Sunday night from basketball practice wanting this...

Yes, a guinea pig.
  What in the world ever possessed you child to want a guinea pig.  I can't even spell it, much less want one living in my house.  She has offered to save her money from now until eternity to pay for all the wants and needs of this little creature.

I just don't get it!!!

Not one bit.  It's like an oversized rat to me.  Yuck!!!

Those humongous eyes just staring a hole through me...eek!!

No offense to those of you that own a guinea pig.  I just don't want one living in my house.

I am ok with dogs.  Can tolerate cats.  All outside!!

We do have a scruffy little shi-tzu, Maggie, that loves to come in our house for short periods of time, but thankfully, she loves playing outside.  I will be the first to admit that I wanted Maggie.  But, I quickly discovered that I am not much of an inside pet kind of girl.

Especially not a guinea pig.  Or any other furry little rat-like creature.

So sorry, Calleigh.  I just can't go there.  But when you have your own children, I bet your children would love to own a guinea pig.

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MomBrose said...

I'm in the same boat as you! My oldest wants a guinea pig or a hamster. She said the same thing about saving her money. I told her she could save as much money as she wanted, she was NOT buying a rodent! On the other hand, we have two furry dog babies that live in the house with us. What do you do with your shih tzu at night? or when it gets cold or hot? My husband has always wanted a large breed but I'm allergic to all of them so it would have to be outside. I just don't know the logisitics of having an outdoor dog.