Friday, February 19, 2010

moving right along

I haven't forgotten my 2010 goals.  I think about them many times, but I just haven't sat down and blogged about it.  Here it goes.  As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

This 5 week period I am focusing on the nutrition of our family.  It is not at all that our family doesn't eat well, or that I don't cook for them.  I just believe that if I focused on more nutritious meals, I could improve the overall health of our family.

As I read many of your blogs, I am in awe of the healthy food choices that you put on your table.  I want to be that mom.  I want their bodies to be well nourished because they are so active with their daily activities and sports.

This past weekend I was in the health food store searching for things for myself.  As I was talking to one of the ladies that obviously knew much more than I do about healthy eating, she said to me...
If your kids aren't getting enough fat in their diets, their bodies begin to crave sugar.  Actually, she made me feel like a failure as a mother because I am not properly nourishing them.  Whatever!!!

But, it was like a lightbulb went off for me.  I have tried and tried to cut back on the sugar intake of my kids, but it is a struggle.  They fight tooth and nail.  But it made is more than just not eating sugar.  Their bodies are craving the sugar, and they can't fight it.  Our biggest struggle is at the end of the school day when they haven't had anything to eat since they had lunch at 11:00 that morning.  So by 3:30, they are starving!!!  The first thing their body craves is sugar, sugar, sugar!!!

Although I have heard that simple sugars can suppress the immune system, causing one to suffer from sickness.  I have not found any research that proves this theory, but it just makes me think.  What is sugar doing to our bodies????  I did find this site and this one too that provided a lot of scary information.  I know that I have to take it with a grain of salt.  We can't totally cut sugar.  We can't completely quit living.

Our household binder includes a section for meal planning.  Some weeks, I have done very good at this.  Others, not so much!!!  One of my other problems is coming up with new, fresh ideas for meals in our house.  I feel like I cook the same things over and over.  It is things we like, but eat repeatedly.  I found this blog that posts weekly meal plans.  I love the varying foods that she prepares for her family.  I can't help but notice the amount of money she spends on groceries a week.  WOW, what an amazing thing.

With all this being said...I am focusing on these few things in our nutrition.
  • healthy meal choices that vary more
  • lowering grocery cost
  • carefully evaluating the intake of sugar
  • regularly taking vitamins to benefit our health
  • trying to include the needed fat and protein in my children's diet
This is going to be a lot of planning and preparation.  Something I am worried about, because I have very little time to actually include this in my day.  However, I think this is something I really have to take the time to plan.  One thing is for sure, if I don't plan it, we will go back to the same thing we are currently doing that isn't working like I want it to.

Hope your 2010 goals are moving right along as well.

Be blessed, 

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MomBrose said...

I've been on a nutritional journey as well. I added vitamin D to the kids supplements and they haven't been sick in MONTHS! :) Also, they get a lot of their sugar from natural sources like fruit and honey. We also use sugar as a "treat" on occasion so it's not just expected. Of course, sugar hides in a lot of things too (like ketchup) so you have to watch for those too. So much to take in! :) I'll be praying that you meet and exceed your goals.