Sunday, March 27, 2011

little faith

I have to admit I love that Cydney is a girly girl.

On a regular basis, she loves wearing necklaces and bracelets, rings, flip flops, dresses and lots and lots of lip gloss.  I don't really remember Calleigh being too much of a girly girl, so I love it.  She looks so cute!!!  {I would think she is cute even if she wasn't this girly girl!}

Her girly girl cuteness came to screeching halt this past week.  I came home from Calleigh's basketball practice and found Cydney wearing my wedding ring.  She was playing "married" with one of her cousins while I was gone.  To be an official "married" couple I guess she thought she needed my wedding ring.  Luckily, I found saw it pretty quickly.

When I put my jewelry on Friday morning, my 15th anniversary band was missing.  I knew exactly where it had to have gone.  As I tore through my jewelry drawer, it was no where to be found.  She and her dad stayed home for several hours, but no luck.  We looked after school...practically tearing this house apart.  Still no luck!!

As I sat at my school desk Friday morning, I felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack.  Cydney and Brock had been in every room in our house, in the back yard and even playing with the calves.  I prayed that the ring would appear as a boulder.  So obvious that we couldn't possibly overlook seeing it.
As we were looking throughout the day on Friday, my hopes for finding the ring became smaller and smaller.  {I hate to admit that I failed to trust God for finding my ring.}

Calleigh, Cydney and I went on to Lubbock for a basketball tourney.  The boys stayed home...still looking for the ring.  Robby wouldn't give up!!!  Carson called several hours later and said they found the ring.  He has been known to be a tricker, so I wasn't sure I could believe him.  Sure enough...Robby found the ring....laying on the carpet in front of the couch Robby and I both looked through the couch on different occasions.  We walked through the living room probably a hundred times.  {In front of the couch, as if it were a boulder where we couldn't miss it.} 

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and hearing my prayer.  Thank you for not forgetting about me when I seemed to lose my faith.

Be blessed!!

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Nic said...

I LOVE a girly girl! So cute!