Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring break top 10

10.  The time changed, and we were able to sleep late to catch that hour back.

9.  The yard has it's first mowing of the summer, and it's all fertilized.  Now if only a rain to make it turn green and grow like crazy!!  I even got a little sun on my arms and legs among all that work.  Well worth my efforts.

8.  Cleaned out drawers and started a garage sale pile box boxes.  Now only a few more closets, and it will be time to start back at the beginning and clean out again.  How do we accumulate so much JUNK???

7.  Cleaned our house from top to bottom, corner to corner.  Except for that cobweb we missed in the bathroom.

6.  Stayed up late, slept in, napped, pajamas, coffee in the old blue rocker, snuggling, and bein' lazy!!

5.  A glass of wine with my girlfriends to catch up on life.

4.  Friends, family, cookouts!!!

3.  Beautiful sunshine that allowed the kids to play, play, play. Carson is already beginning to get a sun tan face.

2.  Date night with the hubs!!  We even went to eat sushi!!!  yummy!!!  I love that guy!!!

And the #1 thing about spring break at our house was...WE WERE HOME!!!!

Only 10 more Mondays 'til summer...YIPEEE!!!

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