Monday, March 14, 2011

time change

I have never been a huge fan of time change, but I certainly like "falling back" rather than "springing forward." Some how we manage to adjust through the week.  However, this time change has wrecked havoc on our schedule.  We visited at friends house on Saturday night and crawled in bed much too late, especially with losing an hour.  We sleepily crawled out of bed Sunday morning for church, and we were super excited for nap time after lunch.  We couldn't crawl in our napping spot quickly enough....except for the kids who gave the proverbial "I am not tired!" excuse.

Two and half or three hour later, we all managed to pry our eyelids open and crawl out of bed.  Of course...the rest of the day was running behind.  Playtime went on for hours and hours before we finally managed to eat dinner at 9:30.  YES!!  That is crazy late!!!!  About 1:00 (in the morning), my eyelids were wide open.  I knew I was in trouble.

Thankfully the kids slept in this morning, but now the kids and I are on a completely different schedule than poor Robby who isn't able to have Spring Break.  This is one of the very reasons that Robby dislikes summer and school breaks are not Robby's favorite....we sleep in and stay up late.  He gets up early...very early and needs to go to bed early.  Except for when we don't!!

I have to say that I am so thankful that "spring forward" fell during Spring Break.  I think it should happen this way EVERY YEAR!!!  This sure makes it so much easier to catch that hour back.

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