Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As I look out my back door, in the pasture that lies behind the yard, there are 5 very small hills.  Why we have these hills in our back pasture is really beyond me.  I have no idea who created them, or why one would create these 5 hills...so small, but evenly spaced.  It strikes me as rather odd.

However, for Cydney Claire, and the other munchkins of the neighborhood, they provide lots of good entertainment.  When the kids ride their go-cart, they love to ride it over each of the hills.  Often getting high centered and someone having to push the go-cart off.

But with Cydney, it's not the go-cart that is most entertaining.  It is running the hills.  On many days, she will head to the pasture as we are feeding the calves or doing chores in the yard and run the hills.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.  Every now and then, the small hill that it is, poses a struggle and she must dig in to make it over.

Always careful to keep her sucker safe from any mishaps.

Not really sure why this is so entertaining, but it sure makes me smile.  Hope you smile too!!

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Kathie Bryant said...

That's my girl! Always protect the food. She is my precious baby!!! All 6 of the kids are my precious ones, but she is the baby!!! Love you all!