Sunday, May 29, 2011

summer top 10

It's here...summertime.  I absolutely love summer.  Not because it means I don't have to get up and go to work, but because I don't have to go to work.  I know that makes absolutely no sense, but it just seems as if life slows down for a brief amount of time.  I love every moment of it.

10.  I love that my yard is usually full of kids playing in the water or doing something fun.  This is one of the greatest things of living in a small town...the kids can go play pretty much anywhere on our side of town and I don't really worry about where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing.

9. I love spending afternoons at the pool.  It makes for a very tired momma and babes, but the time is so worth it.  For as long as I can remember, my two older babes were little fish.  They always loved being in the water.  And could play in for hours on end.  Cydney hasn't taken to water as quickly as the older two, but after today at the pool I have high hopes we will get there.

8.  I love feeling like I have accomplished something during a day.  My house is usually not always clean, but the kids and I do get chores accomplished and it feels good.

7.  Coffee in the old blue rocking chair.  I am sure I have posted before how I love having coffee in our blue recliner.  Robby and I bought it when we first married...16 years ago.  It has rocked all my babies and provided many a good nap for all members of the family.  I love climbing in it first thing of a morning and rocking while enjoying a cup of coffee.

6. Sleeping In.  I am a huge fan of sleeping in (and then moving to the rocking chair).  Thankfully my kids are sleepers too and we do enjoy late mornings through the summer.  Sleeping in actually makes me feel really lazy!!!

5. House cleaning and organizing.  No, I don't love the actual process of cleaning my house, but the end product when it all looks nice, neat, and freshly organized is such a wonderful feeling.  It makes me feel like I have really accomplished something!!

4.  Cookouts & hanging out on our patio.  I love, love, love sitting on our back porch of an evening and watching the kids play in the yard.  We have a huge yard that is great for water games, football games, or just about whatever games the kids want to play.  The evenings have been so windy lately (and don't look promising in the next week), but I still love back porch time.

3.  Staying up late.  My true ME is a night owl.  If I could choose, I would stay up late and sleep in, but that rarely happens because of work.  In the summer, I do enjoy staying up late of an evening.  It is one of the few quiet moments in my day.  Robby and the kids are sleeping while I get a few things accomplished...catch up here on my blog, read a book, watch Grey's Anatomy from many weeks past, or just whatever I choose.

2. Vacation time...As much as I love being home (because we really aren't home all that much during the school year), I do love traveling and going on vacations with my family.  It's always a fun time for our family to spend time together.  This summer we will be traveling to Disney World in Orlando, then on to Marco Island for Florida Cattleman's Convention.  Calleigh, Cydney and I will go straight to Hampton, VA for the AAU National Tourney while the boys fly home.  They we will all meet back at a family reunion.  All in all...the us girls will spend 18 nights away from home IN A ROW!!!  I have never been gone this long in my life. It scares me a little!!

The number one thing I love about summer is just being able to hang out with my kids.  Things are more relaxed and we can just chill and have fun!!!

Hope your summer is amazing!!!  Be blessed..

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