Thursday, June 16, 2011

here we go....

As we speak, we have hopped a Southwest bird for hot & sunny Florida.
The Kirkland Klan is on vacation with Mimi & Poppy and the Schroeder crew.

While away, we hope to meet up with Mickey and Minnie.

and a few other Disney characters for handshakes, hugs and autographs.

We even hope to see a princess or two for a quick photo.  Of course, we will be taking several princesses of our own on this trip.

You may know them as..........
Princess Cydney
Princess Calleigh and Princess Bailey

We will visit many kinds of animals at 

Then have some fun at 
Moms and Dads and Mimi and Poppy will need a break from all this fun, so we are headed to Marco Island Florida for the Florida Cattleman's Convention.

I plan to sit on this very beach and soak up some Florida rays. 
Bumming at the beach is my idea of a vacation.

But my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pool.
So here is where we will spend hours and hours.
Which is fine by me!!!

Here we will also visit many feedyard customers friends.  I am really looking forward to this.

Then Calleigh, Cydney and I (and the Schroeder crew) will put Mimi and all the boys on a plane home while we jet to 

Hampton, Virgina
you guessed it....

a basketball tournament!!!!

Bluedevils will play in the AAU National Tournament. 
We are so excited and hoping for a CHAMPIONSHIP!!

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I will try to keep this blog updated with pictures from all of our summer vacation adventures.

Just typing all this and internalizing what all is going on makes me TIRED!!!

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Kathie Bryant said...

Already miss you guys. Hurry Home!!