Wednesday, June 08, 2011

new kitten

Meet Cinderella Snowflake Sophie (Cydney chose Cinderella, but was quickly overruled by her brother and sister.  So Snowflake it is.) Update...her name changed again.  This morning it is Sophie!!

The newest, tiniest, most scared member of the Kirkland Klan.
Bless her heart, she was just thrown into the lions den kids that can't keep their hands off of her.

Cydney is certain that wants to be anywhere BUT a nice quiet place where children can't reach her.  Preferably under the lamp table next to the couch.  The picture above is Snowflake in her quiet solitude before a child came along and snatched her.

Right into little hands that hold much too tight for her liking.  Voices that talk much louder than the home she came from.

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