Wednesday, July 13, 2011

85 years

Only about a month ago, I sure didn't think my precious grandmother would be celebrating her 85th birthday with a celebration at our house.  What a double blessing to have her this past weekend.  About a month ago, she became seriously ill and doctors weren't quit sure what to diagnose her with.  Honestly, I am not sure they still know, but they said encephalitis.  What I do know is she was a very sick little lady.

Praise Jesus, she has made a great recovery and was able to come to our home to celebrate her birthday with a cookout and birthday cake.  Even at 85 years old, a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without cake and ice cream.  She deserves it!


A few of her great-grands enjoyed crowding around to help her "blow" our her candles.  (No, we didn't put 85 candles on the cake!) I think she had a pretty good time celebrating with them as well.

What a pleasure to be able to celebrate my precious Grandmiere...I love you!!!

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