Saturday, July 30, 2011

another year

It's funny how I have a hard time remembering details of last month, last week, or even yesterday for that matter.  But then there are moments that are etched on my heart.  So defining, it is as if the moment just happened.

Three years ago today, our precious baby girl made her grand appearance into this world.  A day that is forever etched on my with the birth of my other two kids.  (It funny how I can see it so clearly.)

It was our annual family trip to Wonderland.  Let me hear a WOOHOO!!!  I had an OB appointment, so I went in around lunch to the dr., was going to pre-register at the hospital, run errands, and meet the family for supper and a night of fun!!

I remember...

...being excited because this was the first OB appointment Dr. Carrillo would check if I had dilated.

...being disappointed when Dr. Carrillo was out of town and only the nurse would see me.  She wasn't even going to check me because I was still about 4 weeks from delivery.  I had been having contractions for about a month (since we walked 4,000 miles in Pittsburg and New York City...not one of my smarter decisions!)  But she did!!

...the shock as she said "You wanted to have a baby today!!  You're dilated to a 5!!"

...thinking Robby is working, we are going to Wonderland, my suitcase isn't even finished packing.  I have pre-registered at the hospital.

The nurse wouldn't let me move until she had called the hospital to tell them I was coming.  She made me feel like a ticking time bomb!!

...calling Robby while he was having lunch at his mom's.  I told him the news.  Part of me was so excited, yet nervous and scared...all in a moment.

...trying to coach my mom via the phone how to finish packing my bags and what to bring to the hospital.  Robby was just coming...nothing in hand but my pillows!!

...the nurse telling me to drive straight to the hospital.  The nurses were waiting my arrival.  Sounds so glamorous...not really!!

...the hospital was packed with mom's having babies or had just had a baby.  There were no rooms in the inn.  They had to just stick me in a triage room and wait, and wait, and wait!!!

Because Dr. Carrillo was out of town, I was in the hands of the doctor on call.  The first one didn't want any part of delivering me because Cydney was almost 4 weeks pre-term.  When he told us of all the problems that could occur with a baby that early, it sure didn't ease our nerves at all.  But still, I was dilated to a 5. (One thing I failed to mention is that with my other two babes, I delivered both in 30 minutes or less of pushing.  Yeah, I know.  I just lost some of you right there!  Life isn't fair sometimes.  I am sorry some of you had to push for days!!)

Thankfully Dr. Carrasco came to our rescue and realized I could not go home.  They admitted me, moved me to a room, gave me an epidural (which didn't work), broke my water, and we had a baby.

I remember...

...feeling horrible during delivery.  Childbirth hurts without epidurals.  I was throwing up.  Not comparable to the cake walk of my other two.

...the moment she was born, it all went away.

...the first time I saw Dr. Carrasco hold her up.  Oh my, she was so tiny.  She only weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces.  It was almost as if she was a baby doll.

I am so thankful for the that precious blessing.  She brings us so much joy everyday.  She is pretty darn cute too!!

Today, we celebrated her birthday with just us.  Three year well check at the pediatrician.  You will be happy to know she has come a LONG way since 5 pounds, 10 ounces.  She has made up for it!!  Calleigh bought her a princess sash...that she won't wear.  Tomorrow is the birthday party.  She is so excited!!  We were walking tonight at a friend's birthday party, and she told me "I just want a birthday party."  Awww!!

Tonight as she climbed into my bed, she hollered at her dad.  "Dad, I love you!!"  He replied with I love you too Cydney.  About a minute later..."Dad, I still love you!!"

It's the little things that make the world go round.  Happy birthday Cydney Claire.  We love you dearly!!

Dad, Mom, Calleigh & Carson

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Bannie said...

Bannie loves that precious angel also! Happy Birthday to the 3rd "C"!!!