Tuesday, August 02, 2011

{regroup.reorganize.try again}

With school lurking around the corner for the members of this household {sniff, sniff}, I decided I better get my act together and get an organizational plan for me...the leader of the circus.  Sometimes I feel like it takes an act of congress to get this family organized and headed out the door with all of our belongings in hand.  I was thinking I needed to toss some ideas that didn't work for us last year and begin anew.

My first task was better planning our meals throughout the week.  Not only that, but to better utilize our time and money when it comes to grocery shopping.  I will be the first to admit...as much as I would love to clip a few coupons to save our family some money, I just don't have the time, desire or patience.  And it seems grocery shopping takes a million times longer because I am sorting through coupons and going to this store and that.  Simply, I don't have time for that.

After some Pinterest hunting, I combined some ideas and came up with a menu-planner that I think will work swell for me.  Here is the result!!  I really, really like it!!  I think it will function well for the needs of our family.  Besides that, it is cute too!!

At the moment, my plan is to make enough copies for the year and put them in a small binder.  Then I can just grab that binder on my way to the store.  Sounds like a great plan...time to implement it.  Well, maybe next week.  I have to go pack for a basketball trip on Thursday.

Be blessed my friends,

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