Thursday, October 27, 2011

almost a teenager

Last Saturday marked the last birthday Calleigh Marie will be celebrating as a pre-teen.  This is definitely a bittersweet moment for me, the mom!! Oh, how I love the moments she and I spend together as mother-daughter.  I love the talks we have about friends, and about boys.  I love the talks we share about our beliefs and why we do the things we do.  I love hearing her perspective on life.  Oh, there are moments between us that aren't so lovely, but I am not even goin' there....

Twelve years ago, our hearts changed forever!!  I remember back to our before kids day...I could not wait to have a baby.  I wanted you so very badly.  I could not wait to be pregnant, I could not wait to hold you and rock you.  You were my dream come true!!

You are my only baby that was LATE.  {Guess you are truly your father's child.}  Daddy and I went to Amarillo on the day you were supposed to be born to see your uncle Todd's team play football.  After the game, we went to eat dinner.  I remember feeling yucky, but crediting it to just being tired.

Little did I know that only  3 hours after I went to bed, I would be up again with my water breaking.

I remember...
  • being so upset that I was going in to labor because Dr. Carrillo was out of town.  I just wanted MY doctor.
  • calling the doctor on call at 2:30 am, and he told be to try to get some sleep.  YEAH RIGHT...this was first baby.  How was I supposed to get some sleep???
  • going back to bed, realizing sleep was never going to happen, and finally getting up to shave my legs.
  • your daddy running into the bathroom reminding me not to take a bath since my water had broken {he learned this is child birthing class}
  • getting in the car to head to the hospital...nerves, excitement, tears...this was the day we had waited for
  • telling your daddy it was TIME...he was on the phone talking fantasy football.  Boy did his demeanor change.  Mimi and I had worried about whether he could handle childbirth.  But, when the time came...he did fantastic.  He has been a super dad ever since.
  • telling the world you were a GIRL.  We kept it a secret {well, from most everyone}.  Mimi, Banny and I think Kelly did know.  I dreamed of a little girl...always!!

From that moment, we have been so amazingly proud of you.  You have grown so quickly.  I have to admit, that I couldn't wait for you to crawl, or walk, or reach any of the milestones that children reach.  I wish I could just go back and hold you, and snuggle you, and smell your sweet baby smell.  I love that you are growing up, but it is so hard to let you grow older and be a big girl.

Life was so simple when you were born.  I know it is hard to believe, but your daddy and I were home every night {almost} and we would sit and hold you and watch TV.  What a life!!!

I love you so very much.  I love being your mom.  I love every moment you and I spend together.  You are my precious girl.  I pray that as you grow, you will allow God to mold your heart and lead you.  I know He has an amazing plan for your life.  I see His hand at work already in your life.  I pray that God blesses you immensely.

Love you so much...Mom

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