Monday, April 27, 2009

Mind of a Child

On Saturday Calleigh came in and told me that Bailey (cousin) had invited she and Carson over, and Kelly (Robby's sister) was going to pay them to paint her fingernails and toenails. Honestly, I am thinking...WOW, Kelly, YOU GO GIRL!! The girls planned and schemed, as they often do, and decided they would have a spa day in the neighborhood. Calleigh went around the house gathering fingernail polish, brushes and who knows what other supplies for their spa day. I never really asked, but I knew that she had a bag full of fingernail polish. Off they went to Kelly's house.

Around lunch, I had to get out to deliver lunch to men working at the daycare so I decided to stop by Kelly's house. Ladies and gentlemen...this was no ordinary spa day...this was a full blown spa!!! They had made signs to advertise their new business, and yes, they were charging!!! The girls had a nail painting station, and the boy were giving massages. (You have to check out the pictures to see this.) AMAZING!!!

What is actually amazing about it is....their minds, their imaginations!! I have to say that I wasn't brave enough to jump in there and get my toes or fingernails done. I am pretty particular. As Cydney and I were driving back home, God quickened me about "having the mind of a child."

You my crazy, weird, organized world...I am VERY PARTICULAR. I want my kids clean, my house clean, myself clean, my to-do list ready, my day planned perfectly (and please don't put a kink in it)...the list could go on & on (some being clean...I have had to learn to give a little.) My fingernails painted by a 9 year old was really not pleasant to me...MESSY!! Not only was this messy, but my bottles of fingernail polish would never be the same. That makes me a little crazy too!!! But God reminded me, that I have to let my guard down and be like a child. Those kids were having the BEST time without a care in the world. They were so innocent...concerned only with the next customer, the color of polish, and having fun. Children see life totally different than adults do. They haven't been blinded with the everyday stresses and routines and, well, really just life. I am going to have to really work at viewing the world through the "eyes of a child" and truly enjoy the things that I do, rather than having to have things perfect. Reality house will never be perfect, my kids will never be perfect, my job will never be perfect...but, thankfully, the Lord's mercy has been poured over me and I don't have to worry about being perfect. Praise the Lord!!! be blessed and be a blessing!! amyk

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Wendy said...

Amen to that and how wonderful to have little entrepreneurs in your midst. So did they have much business? My kids did something similar with a lemonade stand. It was hilarious!! And you are right...I heard a lady speak last night that we are to guide and direct...but they are God's creation and we are to follow HIS plan for them..not ours.