Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been watching several blogs and these amazing mothers have inspired me to create a blog of my own to keep my friends and family posted on the happenings of our lives. I want to take an opportunity to share the fun things that happen in our lives, as well as share our hearts on matters of who knows what. I will try to post often. This is a new thing for me, but I want friends and family to share in watching my family grow. I will post pictures and try to keep you up to date.

You may notice that I have posted a picture labelled "Praying for Stellan." Through a friend I was introduced, via blog, to Stellan and his mom, MckMama. Stellan has a heart condition very similiar to a very special young man in our lives named Wesley. EVERYDAY, I have followed Stellan as he has gone through medical procedures and medications. I hope that you will read his story and join me in praying for his healing. I also hope that you will join our family as we pray for Wesley. He will undergo the same heart ablation surgery sometime this summer. Drs. will take him off his heart medications beginning May 1. A very scary time for his family, but they are leaning on God for strength and peace of mind.

We welcome you on this journey of who knows what. We truly never know what awaits us around the next corner of our lives. Come along and enjoy the ride. I hope that you enjoy the stories that shape our lives.

This bloggin' thing is all new to me, but I think if you will scroll to the very bottom of the page you will find a button to subscribe to this blog or follow this blog. My hope is that it will alert you when posts have been added or updated. I guess we can all learn together. If anyone decides to join in and create their own blog...let me know so I can add it the list of blogs that I follow.

Be blessed and be a blessing!!

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