Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

These are things in my week that I am most not so proud of as a mother...
1. As many of you know Calleigh plays on a club basketball team. This weekend we had a tournament. I did NOT scream and yell like a lunatic at her 3RD GRADE basketball game.

2. I did NOT threaten to leave my kids at home this morning because they were lolly-gagging around and making me us late for school.

3. I did NOT stay up until 11:30 writing yesterdays post for my blog. Every time I got in bed, I thought of something new to write and I did NOT get out of bed to fix it. And...I wonder why I am tired!!!

4. I did NOT go the grocery yesterday, tell my children that we were eating healthy after school snacks, buy my family healthy food for the week, and then go out and eat fried shrimp and french fries (with ranch dressing). I would NEVER tell my children one thing and do another...NOT ME!!!

5. I did NOT think I lost my iPhone AND wedding ring this weekend. Both were exactly where I thought they were AND right where I had looked NOT once, NOT twice, but maybe even three times. I am NOT losing my mind!!!

6. I did NOT bathe Cydney in the kitchen sink tonight because all the bathtubs were being used by my other MGC (Many Grubby Children). YEAH...I really did, and I have cute pictures to prove it!!

and...I DID NOT neglect all my laundry tonight to get this post finished!!

I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, but enough confession for the week.
As I mentioned in yesterdays post...this was a busy, intense, exciting, and fun-filled weekend for the Kirkland Klan. Here's the latest...

These days it doesn't seem to have many perks to working in the beef industry, but the pride of being part of the agriculture industry and helping to support the needs of many Americans. I know the swine flu is a serious deal, but for once I am glad it's about something other than the beef industry. EAT MORE BEEF!!! Seriously...this weekend the family had an opporunity to attend a customer appreciation function in Amarillo. (It is one of the perks of being in the beef industry.) We got to stay in a hotel and eat out...WITH THE KIDS!!! Usually Robby and I attend these kind of functions alone as a "marriage retreat" because we stay so busy with work and the kids. However, this weekend we decided to include the kids because Calleigh had basketball all weekend and we wanted to be involved in that as well...and, I am having a very hard time leaving Cydney. Anyway...we knew the kids would enjoy staying in a hotel and swimming, and swimming, and swimming!!! My kids are fish!! Thankfully summer is just around the bend.

Between leisurely activities at the hotel, lots of eating, and zipping back to Vega for church, Calleigh played three basketball games. Through several intense, nail-biting games, the Bluedevils came out on top...CHAMPIONS!!! Unfortunately, I screamed and yelled like a crazy mom and today I am NOT so proud of it...really, I am NOT!!! But I am a proud mom. Calleigh played her heart out this weekend...she even scored 6 points. (This is really good in 3rd grade basketball.)

We wrapped up the weekend pooped and NOT ready to start the week. I DID get my kids in bed at 8:00 reading their books, and all snuggled up at 8:30. What a great day!!! Time for me to have a little ME time...Robby is gone to a church meeting. What I do with me time??? I have a date with my computer uploading photos and updating blog post. It's a crazy life, but I love it.

be blessed and be a blessing ~


Anonymous said...

i liked your "not me" post! However, even with all of your confessions, I still think that you are super mom! It really amazes me how busy you always are, but you always seem to manage to have fun with the kids and hubby:)

Anonymous said...

ps...i tagged you in my post "Crazy 8" now you have another post to work on haha:)

Wendy said...

This was great!!! And I also have NEVER done some of those things. Keep posting...