Sunday, May 03, 2009

Praying for Wesley

One day, quit some time ago, I received an email from a friend requesting prayer for a stranger. When I clicked on the link in took me to a blog of a little boy named Stellan. As I read about Stellan, I realized that he had a condition very similiar to a little boy we know named Wesley. I quickly became hooked on keeping up with Stellan's progress, all the while thinking of Wesley.

Wesley is a precious little boy to our family. He has Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. This causes his heart to go into SVT and beat about 350 bpm. Since one month old, he has been on medications to keep his heart in proper rhythm in hopes of reaching his 4th birthday where he would undergo an ablation surgery to correct the problem. Well...he just turned four and things are in the works for his ablation surgery to take place this summer. He went off one medication on May 1st, and will stop taking the other June 1st. His mother is a very dear friend of mine and I know his family would covet your prayers as they begin this process. I have created a picture for my page "Praying for Wesley." I hope that you will join me in praying for Wesley and his family. I have included the html code for anyone that would like to put the "Praying for Wesley" picture on their own page. (Just copy and paste into your layout.) I will keep you all update on his progress as the summer goes.

The Kirkland's had a wildy entertaining sure to check back tomorrow for photos and the latest and greatest news.
be blessed and be a blessing!!

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