Wednesday, June 24, 2009

there is no place like vacation home

Last week the Kirkland Klan took off for The Sunshine State for a little fun in the sun. Each year the Florida Cattlemen hold their convention in Marco Island, Florida. It has become one of our favorite places to enjoy a good family vacation. This year was no different.

We made it....everyone was very glad to have landed safely and into the car for a 3 hour drive.

Thankfully, the kids were tired and they konked out for most of the drive.

The pool at the hotel was AMAZING!! It was fun for all three kids...slide for the big kids, and wading pool for Ms. Cydney.

After a long day of swimming, Calleigh slurps down a pina colada...without alcohol, of course!!

And....Cydney had a little too!!! In fact, she really liked pina coladas.

And when they were gone...she reaaalllly wasn't happy.

In fact...IF she were talking, I am sure she would tell me "if I don't get some more pina colada, I am going to take this bow out of my hair!" That is a whole other battle we fight...clips in the hair!! ARGH!!!

Fortunately, she settled for a much better snack of Rice Krispies. YUMMY!!!
We actually spent very little time on the beach or in the ocean. While Carson liked the beach, Calleigh...NOT SO MUCH!! She was constantly worried about sharks. Therefore, Robby and I answered 20 questions about sharks all week.
Cydney was quit fond of the beach...

and the things she found in the ocean. She believed that some items should supplement her diet while at the beach...shells, and even some yummy sand. MMMMM!! as she would say.

On a bit of healthier note, she did experience her first pineapple. Which she thought was quit delicious.

....and her first lemon. I don't think her sour taste buds are quit developed yet. She ate every bite of this.

We even had a family sand castle going. I am not sure if Cydney was on the building crew or the demolition crew, but at least she was involved.

All that fun made for three POOPED kids!!!
Our week was full of all kinds of fun. As much as we love to go on vacations, we quickly remember....THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!

This is our week at the beach in sea nutshell. I have some really cute pictures that I will post later. As for now, I must sign off because, believe it or not, I am packing for another trip tomorrow. The Kirkland Klan is on the road again to Tulsa, OK, for a family reunion. Check back next week for more pictures of my precious babies. Until next time....many happy days and lots of blessings.

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Katy Montgomery said...

Love Calleigh's dress. So wish I could wear her clothes! Have fun in Tulsa!