Tuesday, June 30, 2009

in the dog house

I believe that God has an amazing sense of humor, and knows exactly when you I need a good laugh. This morning we were doing chores around the house. My 3 beautiful nieces were here and my kids weren't wanting to get their things done. (They have been on vacation for so long, they forgot that we have chores when we get home.) Needless to say...things were a little heated at some moments.

Carson, the curious thing that he is, decided he would wear Maggie's, our shi tzu, kennel ON HIS HEAD!! Yes, he was literally...IN THE DOG HOUSE.

and...it wouldn't come off. He quietly says, "I can't get this off." Did I help him?? NO, I grabbed my camera to get shots of this. This would be something we would laugh at for a long time. BUT, I was laughing so hard I was crying...I could hardly even take a picture. It may be one of those...you had to be there moments. But, I thought you might need a laugh this Tuesday afternoon. Be blessed!!

Yes, his Banny eventually saved him. Did he learn a lesson...NO, he put it right back on and was determined to get out of it himself. BOYS!!


Anonymous said...

That is too funny...especially the part about putting it back on. And yes the first thing I would have done is grab the camera as well. Hope you all are having a great summer. Thanks for taking us on the journey.

Anonymous said...

Way Funny!
What gets in the doghouse.........stays in the doghouse! Ruff-stuff!

Kelli said...

Loved this!!! Thanks for the laugh... bless his heart... as precious as he is... he is a guy so I guess it is not to soon for him to get used to being in the dog house!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMGH that is just tooooooo daaaarrrnnn
adorible omgh a thousand times