Thursday, July 02, 2009

old navy deal you DON'T want to miss

Just want to give all a heads up on a great deal at Old Navy.

Old Navy has created a "micro site" Hidden on the site will be coupons (hidden secret codes) to use in store. Site changes each week on Thursday's (So we thought), sometimes early Fri. morning. Good luck!

5% (unlimited)
10% (unlimited)
15% (25,000 unique codes)
20% (10,000 unique codes)
$10 off $100 (5000 unique codes)
$50 off $100 (3500 unique codes)
$75 off $100 (1000 unique codes)

The amount of coupons and the coupons themselves change each week.

Here is how it works...It’s set up like a treasure hunt, where you can find coupons by clicking around pictures. So check out their site as soon as you can for optimal deals.

WOW...that would be fun. I would love to save $75 off my order...Robby would actually love that too!! So head on over to and start searching for your coupon. AND...REMEMBER, check back often. If you dont find the great deal the first time...go back and try again!!

UPDATE...I just went there myself and found a 15%off entire purchase. Some is better than none!!!! Click on "Get their no-sweat style" to get your own 15% off coupon.

Leave a comment if you happen to find one. is another great deal. One of the blogs that I follow has teamed up with Old Navy and is giving away 9 Old Navy coupons for $65 off $100. Check out her blog and get a piece of this action.

Have a blessed week...happy coupon hunting!!

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