Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i got it!!!

I finally figured our an easy way yo blog from my phone. Of course...now that all my vacations are over. Oh well!! I am so pumped because now I can take all you (my sweet friends) right along with me wher' ever I go. Lucky you. Better buckle up and hold on tight. This may just be the ride of your life.

Just a quick picture of our dentist visits yesterday. Cydney got her first toothbrush for her ONE tooth.

It doesn't take long to brush her one tooth so she thought Carson needed a little extra help.

Cydney also had her ONE year check up with our pediatrician. She is weighing in at 24lbs. 14oz. She is a big girl. She had to have three shots...heartbreaking...for her (and all of watching!). But our precious nurse brought in a sucker. Immediately life was good!!

Blessings to you all~

--Post From My iPhone

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