Friday, July 31, 2009

where does the time go???

WHEW!!! Today I finally feel like I have been able to slow down long enough to catch my breath. Our schedule has been non-stop since Calleigh and I left for Florida. It has been fun, but exhausting. So, as I am catching my breath, I will try to catch you up on the happenings in the Kirkland household the past two weeks...


Florida was a great time. It was edge of your chair excitement. It was fun. It was frustrating. It was awesome. It was amazing. It was even a little intense...and yes, I did have to yell a little in those moments. One of my weaker qualities. You all might as well get to know the real me through this blog!!!

The Blue Devils played ALOT of basketball in the 7 days we were in Florida. We started with two days of pool play where we lost 2 of 4 games and ended up the 3rd seed in the bracket. Our first bracket game didn't go so well, but the girls came back VERY strong and won the remainder of the games. The Blue Devils finished the tournament with a 5-3 record...losing to two teams that were the national champions and second place. We were all very proud of our basketball team. Not only did they play great basketball, we all had a ball (no pun intended). The girls had a great time together, becoming such close friends. Blue Devils are taking a break for a bit, but we are excited to see what the future holds for these young ladies.

In between all that basketball, we did get to see a little DISNEY!!! We managed to squeeze a few hours here and there to see all the things we wanted to see at the Disney parks. Sometimes it was early in the morning, and sometimes late at night...VERY LATE FOR SOME!! But, we got it all done, and had a super time doing it. Calleigh and I were very homesick and ready for our family to all be back under one roof. But for a week, we were blessed to spend our time with 9 other amazing families.

While Calleigh and I were in Florida, Robby and Carson went on a father/son fishing trip to Vermejo park. The boys had a great time enjoying the coolness of the mountains and a little fishing. Carson was going to make sure that the fish tales he had to tell were true...

Carson caught this 5 lb trout while fishing on the first day. He was super pumped!! From what I hear, this was one of the biggest fish caught that weekend.

Carson also had another big catch....HIS DAD!!! While casting his line into the lake, he accidentally caught his dad's neck. OUCH!!! Carson is so tender-hearted...he felt TERRIBLE!!! Robby was fine. The most painful part was the tetnus shot he had to get the next day.

An exciting time. A memorable time. A fun time. A bittersweet time. My how the year has flown. I remember only a short year ago, going to the dr. for a routine check and finding out we having a baby THAT DAY!! I remember the anxiousness. I remember being scared (she was 3 1/2 weeks early). I remember the excitement. I remember the 5 lb, 10 oz baby girl I held in my arms. I loved it all. Today, she has more than made up for her small size. She goes to the dr. on Monday, ANDI feel sure that she will weigh close to 25 lbs. She is a healthy girl. I love every roll, pudge, and wrinkle on that adorable body.

It has been a fun year. I wouldn't trade one single moment of it. This moment makes me realize how quickly my babies are growing up...I love it, but I am just not ready.


In between all this fun, we managed to squeeze in a week of Bible School and a quick trip to Angel Fire with my parents. I wonder why the summer has gone so quickly??? Hmmm!!! Blessings to you all. Have a super weekend.

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