Monday, October 19, 2009

not me monday!!

Welcome back for another week of Not Me Monday!! Here you will find all the things I do throughout the week that award eliminate me from being Mother or Wife of the Year. I will not give up hope!! Some week, I will have nothing to write about.

When Calleigh began running a fever on Wednesday night, I DID NOT have a spirit of fear of being taken under by the Swine Flu bug.  I know their is POWER is speaking against these attacks on my family and would never let my guard down to allow fear to attack my spirit.

On Thursday Calleigh stayed home with a fever.  I most certainly would NEVER abandon my sick child in the recliner all by her lonesome to clean every touchable surface in our house.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, I am all about the cuddling and soothing.  Besides that, I have forbid my children to have anyone inside our house due to germs, I will not allow Cydney to go anywhere except our house or grandparents house after daycare, and our flesh is falling off due to the overuse of hand sanitizer.  Surely, my house must be sanitized as well!!

Friday morning when Carson forgot his show-and-tell and threw a bit of a fit because I would not return home to retrieve it, I DID NOT act like a terribly, horrible mother having much the same kind of fit that I was lecturing him about....while walking down the hall of the school.  Yeah, I know...I think I lost Mother of the Year on this one for sure!!!

I DID NOT let my germ-a-phobia guard down for one single second and take Cydney and my other children to Amarillo.  I DID NOT do it once, but twice!!!  I did not take Cydney into a restaurant where many people were.  I DID NOT forget her high chair cover and allow her to sit in the high chair unprotected.  I DID NOT go through all the high chairs to find the shiniest, cleanest looking high chair for her to use.  As IF...I could see the germs!!!

This beautiful Not Me Monday morning, I came to school with a sense of new beginning from the awful sickness that spread through our school last week.  I am so thankful that we escaped the sickness with only a minor case of strep.  I DID NOT have a panic attack and DID NOT forget how thankful I had am when I heard that 54 students were missing from the school this morning.  That is a lot of kids for our small school!!! 

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Kelly said...

Cute 'Not mes'! Your children are adorable! Cute blog too!

Nic said...

Ok so you know germs Hide on the cleanest looking highchairs...LOL J/K Too Funny...Thanks for sharing =)

MomBrose said...

Love it! We have been hit pretty hard around here too with the swine flu bug. I'm a worrier, but I'm trying to keep my cool. :D Glad you guys are on the mend! Praying no one else get sick! Oh, and we are hand sanitizer abusers too. We are in counseling and belong to a support group (online of course because if we met in public, we would all have to indulge in our own "habit.") I'm kidding. Of course. :D