Thursday, October 22, 2009

double digits

Dear Calleigh,

As I celebrate your birthday with you today, I remember the day, not so very long ago, that you came into our life.  It brings such joy to my heart to celebrate this special day with you.

With a few tears I remember...

the sonogram when your dad and I found out "It's a GIRL!"  I had always dreamed of having a little girl. I couldn't wait for little pink clothes, bows in your hair, and dressing you up like by little baby doll. 

keeping the secret of whether you were a boy or a girl from family and friends.  It was such a fun time when your dad was able to show you off to everyone waiting in the hall.

my water breaking in the middle of the night.  It set into motion all the excitement and anxious feelings your dad and I were feeling.  The drs. told us to get some rest, but we were just too excited for our precious baby girl to arrive.

setting eyes on you for the first time.  You were so small, so perfect, and so beautiful.  I could have just sat there and stared at you forever. (Believe it or not, this was before I had a digital camera too)

bringing you home from the hospital.  You were dressed in this adorable cream colored outfit.  I loved it!!  You were such a tiny little thing that the outfit just swallowed you up.  But, I was determined you were going to wear it home anyway. 

pulling into the drive way of your new home.  Mimi had come out and made "Welcome Home" signs for you.  Your aunts and uncle, grandparents...EVERYONE was there to greet you.  It was such a special day!!

the days that followed.  Your dad and I had nothing going on (believe it or not!).  We would just sit at home and hold you.  You were so spoiled!!!  Everyday it seemed you changed into more of little girl, rather than our baby.

celebrating your 1st birthday party.  Our house was full of family & friends that love you very much.  You loved it!!  You also loved your cake very much!!! 

potty training.  It was the beginning of summer and your daddy went on a 10 day trip.  You and I loaded up and headed to Hartley to Banny's house.  I was determined you were going to be potty trained before your daddy came home.  It wasn't easy, but you did it.  There were a few moments in there I thought I would just let you wear a diaper FOREVER!!!

taking you to your first day of kindergarten.  I didn't want to let you go.  This was such a big step of going to "big girl" school.  You were ready!!  You loved being with all your friends.  You loved Mrs. Ayres. 

becoming a big sister.  You are an amazing big sister.  I couldn't do it without all your help.  You are such a good helper with Carson and Cydney.  They both love you so much!!

growing up through the years.  You have grown into such a beautiful young lady.  Your dad and I are so proud of you.  We love you with all of our hearts.

As you enter the double digits, I pray double the blessings in your life.  Double the fun, double the happiness, double the laughter, double the joy, double the smiles, double the friends.  I pray that God will grow you in spirit and in wisdom.  I pray that God will carry you under his wing of protection.  And I thank Him for the double dose of blessing you bring to my life each and every day. 

Happy 10th Birthday Calleigh Marie.  Your dad and I love you very much!!!



Kathie said...

Calleigh, you are and always will be Bannie's precious angel. Such a wonderful day to celebrate. Like your mom, I remember so many things about my "1st" grandbaby. May God bless you and keep you always. I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!!!!

Nic said...

Don't they grow up so fast!?! Happy Birthday!
and Ps my mom always says "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!" I haven't heard to many others say it =)