Friday, November 06, 2009

creativity at its best

Carson remembers late Wednesday night that he a "landform project" due on Friday.  Being too late to get much accomplished, I send him on to bed and decide we will worry about it tomorrow.

He wants a lake, mountains, river...AHEMMM, but my creative juices were just not flowing.  I was tired.  Carson wanted clay.  I had no clay.  I wasn't driving to town to buy clay.  How was I going to build a mountain????

While we're at the grocery store, I offer up a few suggestions.  He thinks they are totally uncool!!!  I am tired.  I try to think through this.  NOTHING IS COMING!!!  So I just start throwing stuff in my basket...icing, sprinkles, cocoa, and coffee.  Seriously, I mean who couldn't build a landform out of these items.  They are staples!!  Needless to say, Carson is not impressed and decides he will go sit in the car while I finish my landform shopping spree.

We get home and Carson goes to choose the "just right" box for his project.  Of course, it is the box with some new Christmas decorations...STILL IN THE BOX!!  Take them out and cut the box according to his specs.

Icing to cover the bottom of the box.  Needs a sticky surface.  Build a few mountains from paper towels and coffee filters.  Cover them with icing...again, we need a sticky surface. VOILA...we have a landform project.

Check out those mountains.  Cocoa powder provides the look of dirt.  Add a few shakes of coffee grinds for little variation in the color of our dirt.  Blue cookie sprinkles to create a river.

Green icing to provide the lush greenery that runs along the river banks.

Oh yes, and little expertise from Dad.
 (Are they working, or are they eating icing?)

What would a forest be with out trees?  A few large weeds from my very own over grown flower bed provide the perfect size tree for our forest.  And yes, a wild horse has some how managed to have lost his way and ended up in our his project.

Ladies & we probably have the finest, best tasting landform project ever to be created within the world Kirkland household.  Come to find out...Carson really was impressed with his mother's thinking.  It just takes him a while to warm up to my ideas.  This is creativity at its best.  Let's just hope it makes it out the door and in to the school tomorrow in ONE PIECE!!!


Nic said...

Ha! I love it. What a great idea!!

Diana said...

Oh that's AWESOME! I love a mom who can think on her feet! Way to go mom! And what a great job Carson did! Love it!

Sue said...

What a wonderful project! So clever and the end result looks fantastic!