Friday, November 06, 2009

silver lining

So often we I get bogged down with only seeing the negative in my days, that I fail to see how truly blessed I am.  Man, I know I am blessed...I just forget to make that my focus and the forefront of my thinking.  Mckmama reminded me of this very thing this morning.  We all have draining days and terrible circumstances that try to steal our joy.  But finding the silver lining in these circumstances can often totally change our thinking and attitudes on our circumstances, as well as minister to someone outside our circumstance looking in.  Mckmama challenged us to find the silver lining in today.

I am thankful that I have a job to provide for my family.  Even if it means I have to run a concession stand tonight and miss Carson's first basketball game.

I have an amazing husband that is able to step in and help me out when I have conflicting events on my calendar.

Tonight is the last home football game for this season.  This is the last concession stand.

Tomorrow is a sleep in morning.  I get to be lazy and get up and have coffee in my pj's.  I can rock Cydney for as long as she will let me.

Carson's project made it to school this morning in perfect shape. 

Carson was proud of his project.  He did most of the work on his own and did a very good job.

Robby was able to stay home this morning until we left for school.  This alone can put a smile on my face and a skip in my step.  I love it!!

The kids were absolutely wonderful this morning.  Everyone got ready and took care of their morning chores without hassle and frustration.

We were on time to school. (In fact, while I was dressing Cydney, Calleigh asked "Mom, who are we waiting on this morning?"  Funny, isn't she!!)

My students at school are being great today and working like champs. 

I had a funny conversation with my 1st period class about the differences between girls and boys.  It was a great way to begin my school day...laughing and smiling with them.

I will be getting a new computer in my classroom today.  I am sooo pumped!!!  I am converting to and iMac...good-bye Dell!!

I have an amazing and healthy family.  For that, I am forever grateful!!!

No matter how many times I mess up, I am a forgiven daughter of the most high King!!!

What silver lining can you find in your life today?

Have a blessed day!!!

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