Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday

It is a beautiful day in the Texas Panhandle.  About 71 degrees when I checked my car temperature gage after lunch.  Sure isn't weather one would expect on a late November day.  But I am lovin' it!!  Unfortunately, I am much to lazy & tired today to go out and enjoy it because....

I ate too much turkey.

Cydney didn't sleep well and I stayed up with her all night.

I let my crazy sister-in-law talk me into to going shopping at Toys'R'Us last night at midnight.

Yes, friends...after I spoke out that I most certainly wouldn't not be participating in Black Friday shopping, I did it!!!  Well....see....ummmm....this is how it goes!!!

Santa obviously has some telepathic senses.  My children had verbally spoken to me that they were wanting an Ipod touch from Santa, but have not yet spoken that to Santa either verbally or in a letter.  BUT, when Santa saw the Toys'R'Us circular he called me (in the voice of my sister-in-law) and said "I know this goes against everything you believe and desire, but you have to go stand in that line to get those items."  After much grunting and dirt kicking, I set out for the city at 9:15pm.  Armed with warm clothes and coffee in hand I joined the other crazies waiting for the BUY OF THE DAY!!  Within about 30 minutes, I knew this shopping experience wasn't for me at all.  I threatened to come home.  With the line wrapped half around the building, there was not a chance I was going to get "my item."  I dug down deep and endured the cold.  My toes had lost feeling.  I was freezing!!!

About 11:30, store employees came out and began handing out tickets for "the item" I needed.  I was going to get it!!  I did not endure all of this to go home empty handed.  I got one...the lady turned around and went back in.  Oh no you don't....I have to have another.  I mean, she obviously didn't understand the war that would take place in my home with only ONE "item".  I am not sure if Santa sent her a telepathic message, or God spoke to her, but she came back, and yes I got my second ticket.  Adrenaline was pumping.  In about 10 seconds, the most stupid thing I had ever done just became an amazing accomplishment.  I was so pumped!!!

Two tickets in hand, doors open...the masses flood into the store.  I walk to the back to gather one teeny-tiny item for Cydney and head to the check out counter. One and half hours later I checked out and ready to head for home.  The adrenaline had stopped pumping in that long line, and now I was sleepy.  Turned me on some praise music and jammed all the way home.

In bed at 2:30am.

So yes, now I am sleepy today.  Thankfully, my kids all slept in this morning.

Do you have a Black Friday experience?  Would love to hear about it

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