Wednesday, December 16, 2009

christmas buzz

It is definitely buzzing in our world.  We made it home safe and sound from our Las Vegas get-away.  It was so great to have our entire family back in the safety of our little house.  We are back in our own beds, back to our busy schedules, and most importantly back together.   Vacations are always fun, but it really makes me realize how very much I love home.

This week has been buzzing in the Kirkland house.  Our church is having a Christmas progressive dinner tonight, and our house is one of the stops.  We had mountain of laundry to get washed, a gingerbread house to be constructed (photos to come), dinner menu to be planned, and presents to be wrapped.  All in preparation for the progressive dinner.  It looks as if we are going to make it!!  As much as I would love for my house to be spotless, it isn't.  Never!!!  Carson kept wishing our house cleaner would come so he would not have to do some cleaning on his own.  Didn't happen!!! Sorry, Bubba!!  But, that is what I love about my church family.  I can be who I am...and they love me anyway.  Just like our Heavenly Father!!!  Praise the Lord, because I am a mess.

The menu tonight for the Kirkland's stop of the progressive dinner is....BEEF, of course!!!  We are serving beef fondue.  My mouth is watering thinking of eating this yummy stuff.  We are preparing bite size pieces of deep fried steak which can then be dipped in any of the 9 sauces that we have prepared purchased.  We will also be serving a selection of olives and Hot Crackers which were purchased homemade.  I have to admit though...they are super easy!!! And...super delicious.  My kids even love 'em.  I might reduce the amount of red pepper if my kids are going to be munching on them.

Christmas is in the air at school also.  Christmas parties.  Excitement of a two week holiday.  Semester tests.  Christmas play and concert.  So much going on....I can hardly keep up.  Knowing that I have a two week holiday lying two days in front of me keeps me smilin'.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  Better get back to the work that I am supposed to be doing right now.

Have a blessed week!!


MomBrose said...

We are doing a progressive dinner this weekend! I love it! We're doing ham and cheesy potatoes :D YUM!! I would love some right now :D I've never had beef fondue but it sounds delicious. I'm attempting my first ever prime rib this year....wish me luck!
Merry Christmas!!

Katy said...

The beef fondue was FAB!!!! Great job!