Saturday, December 12, 2009


Anyone that knows me very well at all knows that I hate being alone. Well, almost! Most any time I welcome going to town alone to do errands or grocery shopping alone. Not for the fact that I like shopping alone, but for the mere fact of time. It takes so much longer for kids to load and unload and shop. I won't go into a restaurant and eat alone. I even hate it when I see people eating alone. It hurts my heart to see them alone. I don't go to outings alone. I hate walking into events alone. I hate being alone. Which is something I almost never have to be because usually one of my kids is always in tow.

I sure never thought that today would be a day I would have to be alone. After all, Robby and I are in Las Vegas having a couples getaway. Something we seldom do. So as you can imagine, we were both looking forward to spending time together. It didn't happen today. After lunch, Robby ended up with the stomach bug and has been in bed all afternoon and evening. Where did that leave me? Alone!!!

We watched a movie this afternoon, and it wasn't bad at all. Then I got hungry!! To avoid having to be alone, I wanted to order room service, but didn't want to make him feel worse with the smell of food in our room. So I ventured downstairs. As I walked through the hotel trying to find any place that I could eat that I wouldn't stand out being alone. I can feel the anxiety growing the longer I walk. No place to be found. It was a sit down restaurant, or nothing!!! I even contemplate not eating so I don't have to eat alone. What is the big deal???

I decide to return to the sushi restaurant that we ate at yesterday. It is dark and surely I could find a small table in a corner.

Thankfully I had this crazy phone to check Facebook, Twitter and catch up on a few of my favorite blogs while eating. I would have starved had I not had something to distract me. I don't think I would have convinced myself to go in and sit alone without it.

Dinner's over and I headed back to my room. I don't want to gamble alone. I am tired of just walking around. Maybe I will catch another movie or read my book.

So for now, I am feeling alone and I hate it. However, I am thankful that Robby is laying right beside me and feeling a little better.

Blessings ~ amyk

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