Saturday, December 05, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

We put the finishing touches of Christmas on our house tonight.  And it looks wonderful!!  It really is not characteristic of me to decorate much for the holidays.  Yes, we have a tree and stockings, but not a whole lot of extras.  And I hardly ever decorate for other holidays.  I mean seriously, what is the the point of changing your entire home decor for 25 days???  I just don't have the time or patience to undo, decorate, undo, and redo normal living decor.

I have a friend, that happens to be my neighbor, that decorates all out for the holidays and I have to admit...her house is sooo cute!!! It kinda inspires me. Well, yeah kinda...until I get home and get out my own decorations and then is bah-hum-bug!! But this year...we got it all done and I love it!!! I know some go all out, but for me...this is as good as it gets.

Thanks Honey, the house looks terrific!!

Ozzie, our Elf on the Shelf
Actually, he is hiding in our Christmas tree.

Hope your decorating is coming along just great!!

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MomBrose said...

Love your mantle! :) We don't outdo ourselves either. I don't have time for all that craziness! :D