Friday, December 11, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

All my bags are packed, and I'm ready to go.

Hubby and I are headed to
for a long weekend together.
It has been a very long time since we have gone away ALONE!!!

We believe with our whole hearts that it is important for us to get away every now and then ALONE.  It makes our marriage stronger, and makes us better parents.

However, it is so hard to leave.  Finding a place for the kids to stay (thankfully we have both sets of grandparents right here.), packing the three kids, making sure all the animals get fed, keeping up with the kids busy schedules of being here and there, and then packing myself.  Not to mention the heartache of being away from my three babies.

Honestly, sometimes most times I am so worn out with the packing process I hardly think the trip will be worth it.  But, this time...I am very excited to get away with Robby.  I know we are going to have a great time just hanging out.

We are going to the National Finals Rodeo for some rodeo action.

Must mostly I can't wait for this...

sleeping in

breakfast in bed

and a little shopping.

I am going to even try to find a little time for
a pedicure.
  My feet are asking for this for Christmas.  I am sure of it.

But, I will desperately miss this while I am away...

If you see them, please kiss them and tell them their mommy and daddy love them.

What are you weekend plans?

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MomBrose said...

Yay! So glad you get to go away too! Enjoy it!! :)
This weekend we are sticking close to home and trying to get over a slew of colds once and for all!! I'm done with snot :D
Can't wait to hear how wonderful your trip was :D