Monday, January 18, 2010

grocery list

I have a wonderful IN REAL LIFE friend that also reads my blog and sent me this grocery list last week.  I didn't want to post it to my blog until I had the chance to use it myself.  And oh my goodness, let me tell how much I loved it.

I am the type of grocery shopper that makes a list, but not in any real organized fashion.  I guess I am lucky to just get to the grocery store with the list.  My typical grocery shopping experience is starting on one side of the store and working my way to the other.  By the time I get close to the end of my shopping experience, I have forgotten something on the other side of the store, so I drag my crew back to the other side of the store.  Grocery shopping is an exhausting experience and you can see why.  I almost never go to the city to buy groceries because I just hate it.

Yesterday was the contrary.  I took my new grocery list and tackled the grocery store.  I was able to manage each section easily.  It was really quit easy.  I was in and out of the grocery store in no time at all.  That could have had something to do with the fact that I had none of my children in tow, but I would rather believe that it is because this grocery list is so fabulously wonderful and easy to use.

Hope the grocery list can be of use to you too!!  Have a great evening.


Sonora said...

I am definitely going to have to try using this. I hate grocery shopping and with all my little ones, I need to be able to do it quickly!

MomBrose said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to use it....thanks for sharing it!

Diana said...

Love this! What a blessing! Thanks a bunch.

~Micah said...

Amy, I used to have a list similar to this one and I LOVED it, somewhere along the way it has become lost! Thanks for sharing! How is the binder coming along? I am interested to know and maybe implement one in my home!

Anonymous said...
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