Sunday, January 24, 2010

oh so tired

Obviously you noticed that I took a blogging break this past week.  It was another crazy week around the Kirkland house.  But all for good things!!  Robby and I had the amazing opportunity to work a Walk to Emmaus women's retreat together this weekend.  We were able to serve these women in any way that we could.  It was an amazing honor to serve without them even knowing we were there.  So much fun!!  But, tonight I am exhausted.  The kids are tucked into bed, after cheering the Saints on to a victory, grades are entered, and I am headed to bed.  I have missed blogging and reading my favorite blogs this week.  I hope that I haven't missed anything too exciting in the blog world.  Things will slow down for us this week...Robby leaves town for business.  For now...goodnight my sweet blogging friends.  I will talk with you this week!!!  Be blessed!!

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