Monday, January 25, 2010

not me monday

With so many preparations going on this weekend for Robby and I to leave to work the Walk to Emmaus, I did NOT give Cydney a sucker (or two) to keep her content and happy in her high chair while I worked to accomplish things in the kitchen.  I would never give my child a sugary snack just to pacify her for a few moments.

I did NOT wrestle Carson to the ground this past week to give him a spanking because he was being disrespectful, had a bad attitude, threw a shoe at this sister (on accident or on purpose, I am not sure which), and I was just fed up with it all.  I always handle my children with grace mercy and never let them get the best of me.  My children would never act that way...they are always kind, sharing, and very loving to one another.

While working the Walk to Emmaus this weekend, I did NOT forget to handle a few cleaning up details that evening.  Due to the fact that I was already in my pajamas, and in my bed, I did NOT text a friend whom I knew would still be awake and ask her to take care of the clean up for me.  I did NOT say a very un-Christian like word when she texted me back and told she broke one of the communion cups.  First of all, I would never talk like that.  Secondly, I was at a Christian retreat center on a women's retreat.  That would be so inappropriate!!!

I did NOT forgo the family schedule last night and let Carson stay up to watch the Saints game all because I was too tired to even worry about it or care.  I always have my kids in bed on time because as a teacher I know the importance of a good nights rest.  I also would NEVER throw out the organizational attitudes we have all been working so hard on this month.

Please share you Not Me Monday truths on MckMama's blog.  If you don't have on over for a good laugh from other lovely women being brutally honest about the lives we lead.


MomBrose said...

So glad you're back :D
When I went away for a weekend with my older two girls and my mom, my husband texted me and said "You would not believe how long this baby has been working on a sucker! Best babysitting tool ever!" Oy!

Nic said...

Suckers.....Candy...Benadryl....I mean whatever works! LOL J/K on the Benadryl....maybe =)

Sonora said...

I love that you admit to giving suckers to pacify your kids on occasion. Mine have learned that acting up when I am on the phone is a good way to get a sucker. I have to stop doing that.
I also love that you admit to getting fed up with your kids. I have so been there. Then I feel bad, but I guess they need to know they can't walk all over us moms!

Katy said...

Oh, hilar!!!! HILAR! Wish I could have seen the wrestling match. Of course, me in the background laughing would not have helped matters!