Thursday, January 14, 2010

research shows

I heard on the news last night research shows that women with fat on their upper legs (aka. thigh) were more likely to live longer.  This is due to the fact that the fat is moving away from the abdominal area and heart.  I have always detested the fact that I have tiny legs, a thin waste, and pretty much small frame overall.  But my hips and thighs...a totally other story.  Since I can remember, I hated my thighs.  I would not be caught dead in short shorts.  Well except for playing high school basketball.  I lived in the time that girls and boys wore SHORT and TIGHT basketball shorts.  They were disgusting!!  On me anyway.  But this piece of news brings on new life for me.  Friends, I am going to be here a while.  I will be blogging 'til there is no tomorrow.  All the while, looking at my thighs and thanking them for getting me this far.  Such great happiness in my heart today!!!

I am totally not kidding about the news story, but I still hate my thighs.  Even if I do live to be 100.  Just more to sag to my knees at it all begins to head south.  Paint that picture.  Or not!!

Have a blessed day!!!


GapGirl said...

Good for you... as for my flabby abby... im heaven bound soon. Yikes. Well might as well live it up while Im here. More hot wings please;)

MomBrose said...

Thats hilarious! I carry all my "extra" love around my middle. :D

Nic said...

PRAISE THE LORD I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER!!! LOL I hope Cydney gets better soon!