Thursday, January 28, 2010

snow day #1

Nothing could have made my heart happier than to hear my phone ring this morning at 6:00.  It was the phone tree calling to tell me that school had been cancelled due to snow and ice.  I was much in need of a day at home to regroup my house and regroup myself. I longed for a day in my pajamas, drinking coffee, snuggling my babies...maybe even watching a movie or two.   Little did I know that my day at home would be far from the relaxing day I had envisioned.

I might have known the day wasn't going to go as planned when... kids ran in at 6:50 wondering why I had not woken them to get ready for school.  This is quit ironic because on any other given school day, I would have to literally drag my two kids from their slumber.  Today...they wake up on their own??  How is this possible.  This was my day to sleep in.

...those same two kids refused to crawl in my bed and go back to sleep.  Rather, they chose to watch TV and play on the computer IN MY BED!!

...Cydney woke up soaked through her diaper and pajamas, and DIRTY!!  It was really gross.

...I thought the house seemed a little smokey from the fireplace.  I specifically remember opening the flu.  How exactly could this be happening?

...sweet, frozen hubby calls from work and asks if I would be willing to fix lunch for all the feedyard employees.  "Absolutely...exactly what I had planned on my day off."

...the smoke alarms begin blaring through the house due to the smoke backdrafting from the fireplace.

...the kids start freaking out because of the smoke alarms sounding off.

....Carson comes into the living room wearing his swim goggles so the smoke in the house won't burn his  eyes anymore.

....Calleigh hollers from the hallway that Cydney has thrown her iTouch in the toilet.  Luckily, Calleigh retrieved it because I am not sure if I could have.

...I round the corner of my bedroom to check out the damage to the iTouch and find a bird (Yes, a real BIRD!) sitting on my headboard. kids won't stop screaming when the bird flies from place to place.

....the bird keeps slamming himself into my dresser mirror. ???

...Robby calls from the feedyard and says that he is snowed in and won't be able to get the lunch that I had fixed for the employees. Not until he can dig his way out.

...the snow won't stop.  The wind won't stop.  AND, the kids can't go outside so I don't loose my mind.

...the snow still won't stop and it's 5:00 in the afternoon. All roads in and out of town are CLOSED!!  The basketball tournament we were planning on attending this weekend doesn't look promising.  For that matter, getting out of my driveway doesn't look too promising.

But, it isn't amazing how this one little smile makes all the disasters of the day melt away.  Thank you Lord!!

Got the call again tonight, no more school tomorrow.  I am praying tomorrow will be a better day.

Hope you enjoyed our circus perfomance today~ha!!


MomBrose said...

Is it wrong that I laughed out loud all the way through that post? :D That's the stuff sitcoms are made of!

I hope you got your fireplace figured out (and your son is SO clever for figuring out the goggles!), and now ou are enjoying the snow.

By the way, my kids are the same way. They have to be dragged from their beds on school mornings but wake up early on their own on the weekends. oy!

Katy said...

OMG. So, I am reading this post, giggling. Seth becomes interested and joins me. Our giggle is at a minimum until we scroll down and see Carson!!!! HILAR!! Then, Charlie becomes interested. So funny! What was the bird doing there? I would have freaked! I am so afraid of birds. Had I known it was so much fun at your house yesterday, I might have ventured over there!