Friday, January 29, 2010

snow day #2

Once again this morning someone forgot to deliver the message to my children that this was a SNOW DAY, and we could sleep in.  This time, however, was not the older ones, but the lil' Miss.  She was wide awake and crying at 7:30 this morning.  Ugh!!

But, rather than the day go down hill from there, we had a quit enjoyable day together.

There was no smoke or smoke alarms, or fire in the fireplace for that matter.
There was no need for swim goggles, but ski goggles were handy today.
There was no birds in the house, or hardly even kids.
Best of all, there were no swimming iTouches.

I can thankfully report that the swimming iTouch has been revived and appears to be functioning in perfect form.  God even heals technology...thankfully!!!

The kids were dying to get bundled up and break down the snow drifts.  It was still so cold out, so I made them wait until afternoon.  That didn't stop them from asking a million few times.  Finally, they made it out in the freezing winds and snow.  I told them they had to stay out at least 30 minutes.  It took at least that long to get all bundled up.  Honestly, I thought they would never make it.  BUT, I was wrong.  They weathered the freezing temperatures and whipping wind to enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun snow.

All this cold weather has me longing for warm, tropical temperatures.  I kinda roll that way...fair weather girl  Robby and I have been planning on taking the kids on a cruise this summer to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  We have some great friends that married the same summer as we did, and their children are the same ages as our first two.  As of 11:23am this morning,  the eight of us (yes, Cydney is staying home) will be heading to the tropical waters of Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel in July.  Thinking about the warm temperatures of this this tropical vacation at least made it feel a little warmer in our small Texas town.

Hope you are safe and warm where ever you are.


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Anonymous said...

Snow day here too. Kids up early too. I hear ya!