Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i am still here

My Life is A Circus...and the circus has been in full swing the past few weeks.  Between Junior class sponsor and planning a prom, basketball with the kids, and managing our home...I am tired.  Not to mention the fact that the inches and inches of snow that fell almost three weeks ago is lingering around forever.  For two weeks, the sun failed to show it's bright and shiny face.  It has made me feel gloomy and I have had nothing inspiring to tell you...so, I didn't blog.  All this snow has made me think of those that live in the "frozen tundra" as Mckmama would say...I just couldn't do it. I could not live where there is an enormous amount of snow for many, many months.  I am cold, and extremely tired of mud being strewn through my house.  I am tired of ski clothes piled everywhere.  I am tired of kids bundling up to play in the snow for 10 minutes and then come in soaking wet and freezing....and whining. 

But this one thing I do know...my husbands wheat crop is lavishing in this moisture.   For that, I am thankful!! Extremely thankful!!  I am praying now that the crops escape any severe weather that tends to come our way during the spring months, and he has a bountiful harvest this year.


Calleigh and I spent weekend before last traveling with her basketball team.  They played in a 5th/6th grade tournament (they are all 4th graders) and placed 2nd.  I am so proud of them all.  They played terrific.  However, it was lots and lots of basketball crammed into two days, and it made for a really exhausting week last week.  We drove worrying about where we were going to hit the impending weather.  I am a fair weather girl...if there must be weather, I want to be home!!  We made it home safe and sound...no weather. 



Remember during the snow storm, Cydney sent Calleigh's itouch swimming in the toilet???  It is still alive and well.  On the other hand, Carson took his itouch to school with him and someone stepped on his backpack and crushed the face of his itouch.  I had one of my not so proud mothering moments.  After I blew my steam, I had to apologize to Carson for being so hard on him.  We sent it off to Apple, and we should be receiving a new itouch this week sometime. Hopefully we will take better care of our new "toys."

Hope your have had a fantastic two weeks.  Be blessed!!!

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MomBrose said...

That snow is crazy! in Texas?!