Monday, March 08, 2010

lists, lists, and more lists

I have this crazy love for books, binders, and worksheets that pertain to lists and organization.  I love filling them out, dreaming of the wonderful "fix" they are going to do for my household.  I love searching through the clever ideas others have created for home organization.  I so desperately want my house to run organized and smoothly, but it seems we get so busy with our going and doing that we often push aside our routines.  I will say that things have been so much better since the implementation of our household binder, but we still have some areas of improvement.  I guess we probably alway will. 

I found this website today through an email I receive from Organized Mom.  It has M.A.N.Y. lists to help organize your household, AND mine.  I haven't actually purchased any of them, but I am strongly considering it.  I just don't know which area I want to purchase first.  At first glance, I like the Family Matters and Home Management.  With Spring Break right around the corner, I could stand to do a little spring cleaning. I did notice that I could pay an annual fee of $20 and print all I want.  I don't know!!!  I am still thinking.

It made my heart flutter this Monday morning, and I thought I would pass it on to you!!!

Have a blessed Monday!!

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