Saturday, March 06, 2010

quick update

Things have been super busy with the Kirkland household these past few weeks.  I hate it because I can't even find time to blog.  How can that be?  Blogging is one of my favorite things to do.  Actually, I haven't even read all the blogs I follow.  UGGHHH!!!!

Our days are filled with basketball, basketball, basketball!!!  Calleigh and Carson are both coming to a close of their current basketball leagues.  Calleigh has been playing in two different leagues at the same two different towns...about an hour apart.  What does this mean for us?  We start Saturday mornings in one town, watching the kids play. We grab a bite of lunch on the road, and head to the city for Calleigh's basketball with the Blue Devils.

In between the kids basketball, we have been going to Longhorn basketball games.  The high school boys basketball team made it to the playoffs.  My brother-in-law is the head coach.  Not to mention that we are huge Longhorn fans...Vega Longhorns that is. This weekend they will be playing in the Regional Tournament.  We are all super excited, yet a little nervous.  I want so badly for them to make it the state tournament next weekend.  What an amazing experience for the basketball boys, my kids, and all the Longhorn fans.  As you can see...My Life is a Circus.

Part of the busyness has come from my work.  Yesterday, my 7th graders had their BIG writing test.  We have working so hard to make the final preparations for their success on their test.  I hate all the stress that a state mandated test brings for teachers, but especially students.  My thoughts on state mandated testing is whole other post in itself.  Calleigh also had to take a TAKS Writing test in 4th grade.  She felt very confident in her test.  For that, I am very happy!!  Funny thing is...the prompt for her writing test was to write a composition about a time when she found something.  Guess what she wrote about...finding her the TOILET!!!  So glad that experience could provide a story for her 4th grade Writing TAKS.

Have a blessed weekend!!!!

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