Saturday, March 27, 2010

made my heart smile

I always love it when our kids say funny things.  It makes me giggle, and my heart smile.  I always wish I were near a pen and paper so I could write it down and remember it forever.  (I always wish I could remember it long enough to get home and write it down...not so much!!)  I know that some day, I am going to wish I had all of these special "child-like" moments to make me smile forever...even when they are grown.

Tonight we in town.  Robby has been looking at a new pick-up for some time now.  It is so hard for him to break down and buy it.  It isn't as painful to look!!  So, tonight was the night he had to make the decision as to whether to buy the pickup or not....something about rebates going off?????  Calleigh was so excited.  She told me plenty ahead of time that if Dad really did buy the pickup that she would be riding home with him, not me.

He bought the pickup.  As we were pulling out of the parking lot of the car dealership, I backed up and let Robby go in front of me because I wasn't sure which direction he was going.  He came around the corner and zipped off in the other direction.  As he pulled away Calleigh says..."My dad is a hottie in that pickup."

I giggled!!!  I am sure she had heard that somewhere....

Calleigh, I think your daddy is a hottie in that pickup too, but don't tell anyone!!!

Have a blessed weekend.  I hope your heart smiles!!

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MomBrose said...

That's a good one! :)