Thursday, March 04, 2010

rock climbing

This past weekend the kids celebrated a nephews birthday but going to the new Amarillo Rock Climbing House.  Everyone had to sign a waiver to be able to climb.  As I read the waiver, it scared me to death.  What was I signing my kids up for?  
But as it turned out...What a fun time!!!  Of course, the kids just loved it.  Carson was up and down, and all around. I am not too sure he isn't part monkey!!  
(I forgot my camera, so pics from my phone will have to do.)

Cydney and I...well we probably enjoyed ourselves the most.  We spend a great deal of the time in the party room enjoying the giant cookie cake.  Cookie cakes from the Great American Cookie Co. have to be one of my all time favorite things in the world.  Definitely one of my favorite things about birthday parties.  I think Cydney would agree!!

Robby...another story!!  He enjoyed himself alright.  
He forgot that he was closer to 40, than 20.  
He is very athletic though, and loves being involved in sports and trying new things.

Losing his grip...
Now, that a cruel reminder that we are close to 40!!

Quit honestly, even though it is huge and swollen looks really good.  As the week progressed, his entire foot was swollen, it started as purple and is now beginning to turn greenish.  Even his poor little toes have bruised.  CRAZY!!!

I am really not the nurse type.  I am more of a toughen up type of person.  HA!!!
But, this week God has used this to soften my heart.
I have loved being able to take care of him.
I love this GUY!!!
But, I would prefer that he not go rock climbing in the near future.  He probably shouldn't push his luck with my soft heart.  hehehe!!!

Have a blessed DAY!!!

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